Sober Isnt Boring: Reasons to Love Sobriety Benefits of Soberiety

As you sober up, you’ll slowly be able to regain control of your mental processes. You can begin to restore your memory and start working on long-term solutions to any emotional or mental health problems. When someone with an addiction looks in the mirror, it may be difficult to see much more than the substance, much more than the pressure of the addiction closing in. Once the eyes begin to clear on the road to recovery, the face in the mirror looking back brightens. Relinquishing bad habits and staying clean offers so many more possibilities which all feel much more possible when the weight of addiction is not holding you back. Amanda Marinelli is a Board Certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC) with over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health and substance abuse.

  • If your employer isn’t happy with your performance, you could be passed over for raises and promotions.
  • That, ultimately, leads to a healthier version of yourself.
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome involves experiencing withdrawal symptoms that persist past the detox period.
  • Substance misuse doesn’t just affect your mental health.
  • This includes everything from the way the sun feels on your skin to the sound of your child laughing.

Acknowledging and celebrating the hard work of recovery is helpful for keeping you motivated and reminding you why you took this brave step toward sobriety in the first place. Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Instead, focus on things, experiences, and activities that will support your new, healthy lifestyle. The effects produced by drugs and alcohol can lead people right into addiction. Being able to forget about past trauma and daily stressors for a time can cause consumption to increase as tolerance builds up. Those who are addicted have no problem listing all the reasons why they keep using drugs and drinking alcohol, but we want to list some of the best reasons why you should get sober.

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When it comes to injectable drugs, sharing needles can also increase the risk of HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. Additionally, children of addicts are more than twice as lucky to suffer reasons to stay sober physical and/or sexual abuse at the hands of their parents. The risk heightens when both parents are addicts. The first step is to know that your questions and feelings are normal.

Until you get into recovery, you can never understand the power of unity that is generated from staying sober one day at a time together. The support that you will get in a recovery program is undeniable. The kindness and genuine care that you will receive from the people you see in treatment and in recovery meetings are invaluable. They want nothing more than to see you get the help you need to stay sober. Life is full of challenges – no matter where you were born or where you’re headed, there will always be highs and lows that add up to the person you are today. For many, this rollercoaster can lead to some form of addiction, whether that be addiction to drugs, alcohol, or one of the many other dangerous addictions we see in our world today.

Learn to Manage Stress

Once you do return to work, it’s important to create a budget and take steps to safeguard yourself as work stress can be a relapse trigger. But it is possible to take baby steps and get your finances in order. Just keep in mind that your improvements won’t happen overnight.

How do I become sober emotionally?

  1. Working with a therapist to process emotional ups and downs as they happen.
  2. Journaling to better understand personal feelings.
  3. Learning how diet, exercise, and sleep habits can affect your mood.
  4. Building strong and emotionally honest relationships with friends and family.

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