Have we overlooked the influence of “wine-mom” culture on alcohol consumption among mothers?

Reading, crafting, exercising, photography, drawing, journaling, meditation, and therapy have all been beautiful outlets for me. Pick one, pick all of them, just start making time to do more of the things you love – no excuses. Without question, I am less stressed and an overall better version of myself now that I don’t drink. I’m a more patient mom, I’m a more attentive friend, I’m a more considerate daughter, and a more loving partner. I’m not saying that these things aren’t possible for women who still drink. I’m saying that a lot in my life has improved since I stopped.

Nobody was aware of the extent to which Harmony Hobbs’ drinking had become a problem. Robbie Hobbs, whose long hours at work kept him away from home, said that he only became concerned once his wife told him that she might have an alcohol issue. Harmony Hobbs, a mother of three in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, opens up about drinking and motherhood. https://sober-house.net/ Harmony Hobbs once wrote a blog about drinking but has since gone sober. “I was not trying to shame her. But I know how being a [stay-at-home mom] can turn people into addicts real fast and I didn’t want to see her end up that way,” she wrote. The teen partied hard, particularly during her college years at the University of Georgia.

  • It was less about having accountability, per se, and more about just having a cheering squad or people that I could talk with about how truly amazing it is to quit drinking.
  • Celeste said she felt unprepared to deal with the offer, whereas in other situations that she usually expected alcohol to be served, she could be prepared to say “no”.
  • Like many moms, Lisa Lightner would drink wine to unwind at the end of each day.

Whether you’re doing “No Alcohol November” or are looking to kick the habit for good, you probably have a lot of questions about what life is like without booze. There is no known safe amount of alcohol use during pregnancy. FASDs are preventable if a baby is not exposed to alcohol before birth. Harmony Hobbs was finally pushed to take action on her drinking problem after her best friend Audrey Hayworth called her out on it. The two had hosted a YouTube series called “The Mom Cave,” where they would imbibe while reviewing different products.

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A wine mom, alone, is someone who likes a drink to take the edge off of parenting, and who’s willing to poke fun at that fact. But en masse, wine moms have come to represent troublesome trends in modern parenting, or even comfortable middle-class complacency. So should you label any mom who likes to drink wine a “wine mom”? The wine mom is either a beleaguered but sympathetic figure, or a subtly sinister one—it depends on whom you ask. Technically, that’s all it takes to join the ranks of “wine moms,” and yet the phrase has come to represent so much more than motherhood and wine enjoyment.

First, a large store of alcohol is obviously a sign that there may be a problem. More importantly, it can provide evidence of the amount she’s consuming. The best way to spot day-time drinking is to check how much alcohol is in the house in the morning. Get a general sense of the levels of any spirits and count the bottles of wine.

She said she “loved the idea,” but didn’t expect it to be as stressful as it turned out to be. She said that from the moment she woke up, she would look forward to the glass of wine she would have later. “Wine mom” is increasingly used on social media and other media sources, such as in magazines and on TV. Anarticle in The Atlanticdescribes the ins and outs of this culture, which makes light of and even supports the act of consuming alcohol to cope with the stress of being a mother.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Excessive alcohol use can also cause serious health problems, including liver problems, cancer, and cognitive decline. Yvonne, who also became sober in 2017, eventually realized that “alcohol wasn’t the magic elixir I was giving it credit for.” “But I honestly don’t want to until the pandemic is somewhat behind us. I tell myself that the habit will go away when we resume some notion of normalcy.”

drinking mom

Paulson said to instead explore these feelings through therapy. If it feels daunting or you can’t attend face-to-face sessions, try an app that provides mental health and mindfulness support. Many moms now had to work, cook, clean, entertain, care for little ones, and teach school-age children.

Without the pressure of meeting employers face to face, she might feel as though there is no harm in opening a bottle a little earlier than 6 o’clock one day. This can go unnoticed because you probably won’t arrive home until relatively late. One of the biggest warning signs is that she always already has a bottle open when you return. If you see that she has opened a bottle, check to see how much is gone. Although it’s difficult to estimate, you should be able to tell whether it’s her first glass. Greet her with a hug and you might smell it on her breath, even if you can’t see evidence.

Talking to your parents as an adult child is hard.

They’re shared by lots of other moms who might or might not drink wine to wind down. It’s important to gain an insight into the mind of the addict to be attuned to the symptoms of alcohol addiction. Addicts don’t treat alcohol in the same way everybody else does. While most people drink to loosen up in a social situation or celebrate significant life events, alcoholics often have many reasons to drink. One of the most common is stress, and the association between the end of a challenging day and opening the bottle of wine can become very strongly established. Soon, the addict’s day begins to revolve entirely around getting that “relaxing” first drink, and everything else becomes less and less important.

Men and women both reported increasing the frequency of their binge drinking episodes, defined as five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women within a couple of hours. COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order only made these behaviors increase. Moms who could previously go out without their kids once in a while had that option stripped from them. Every outing and meeting became virtual, making it even easier for moms to consume more alcohol. A new virtual world also brought added stress; learning to use new apps such as Zoom and Google Meets to see people, Shipt and Instacart for groceries, and many other platforms for different purposes.

drinking mom

Are you stressing over balancing money and your mental health? Women, especially moms, have more substantial anxiety than men due eco sober house boston to their expectations to handle everything. Women also tend to be more sensitive to others’ needs but often neglect their own.

Moms on ‘mommy drinking culture’ and the ‘trap’ of daily drinking: ‘If everyone is doing it, then it can’t be bad’

“I thought I was holding it together but, ‘Oops. I forgot to send the field trip money.’ Or, ‘Oops. I forgot to send the lunch money.’ I was definitely dropping balls everywhere.” ‘ I wasn’t honest because when I added it up, it fully scared me. “When they asked, ‘How many drinks do you have per week?’ I wasn’t honest because when I added it up, it fully scared me.” Paulson said she faced health issues such as poor liver enzyme levels and had been hospitalized for drinking too much. Paulson, a mother of five from Seattle, has been a certified recovery coach for three years and sober for four-and-a-half. In my experience as a clinician, I have found that many people do not know the negative implications stress can h…

She also transformed her blog about drinking into one that chronicled her painful road to recovery. “So it started out with maybe two glasses, and then eventually…I needed more and more to feel relaxed,” Hobbs said. In an update, she said that Lauren was going to chat with the woman who is “kind of the ‘head’ of the circle” to bring up Sherry’s drinking, as well as her driving the kids home from these events while drunk.

Setting and maintaining boundaries is hard.

She might have trouble leaving a bottle half-finished or continue to drink even when it causes problems in her day-to-day life because she thinks alcohol helps her to relax. It can also be hard to find other like-minded moms who don’t drink. After Lightner decided to quit drinking in 2017, she found that she couldn’t relate to the stories most of the people on sober social media sites were sharing. “There aren’t a lot of sober moms out there who say, ‘I just drank every evening at dinner,'” Lightner says.

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